Of Chivalry and Valor

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Wind Ensemble / Concert Band – 5 min [completed 2013]

*2014 National Band Association (NBA) Merrill Jones Composition Contest, Winner*

Published by Wingert-Jones/JW Pepper. Please visit their website to preview the published score and purchase!



Commissioned by Anthony Rivera (Eastern Technical High School, Baltimore County Public Schools)

Instrumentation: Picc, Flt 1/2, Ob 1/2, Clt 1/2/3, Bass Clt, Bsn 1/2, ASax 1/2, TSax, BSax || Tpt 1/2/3, Hrn 1/2, Tbn 1/2/3, Euph, Tba || Timp, Perc 1/2/3/4/5 (glock,sus cym x3 (med, lg, china),cr cym,snare,toms x4, tri, bass)


Chivalry dates back to the medieval institution of knighthood. While its meaning has changed over time, Of Chivalry and Valor celebrates some of the central tenets deeply rooted in the original chivalric code.

The militaristic beginning of the composition depicts a courageous battle during war time, where knights would demonstrate their loyalty, bravery, and valor. Following the battle, the music portrays the softer values of generosity and selflessness. The inspiration for this middle section, full of honor and gallantry, was my dear friend Melany Felsen. The main thematic material for this middle section pulls heavily from one of her favorite themes as a clarinetist, found in the second movement of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2. For the finale, we return to the battlefield to witness the heroic triumph for the chivalrous warriors.

Recording: April 26, 2013, Boston College Symphonic Band, David Faleris (conductor)