City of Arts and Sciences

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Trombone Quartet – 7 min [completed 2013]
*2013 Texas Tech Trombone Ensemble Composition Contest, First Prize Winner*

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Commissioned by Nathan Siler and Elysian Trombone Consort

Instrumentation: 3 Tbn, 1 Bass Tbn


The quartet begins with a celebratory fanfare and then embarks on a whimsical journey around the City of Arts and Sciences. The middle section is inspired by the tranquil nights around the City before launching into the adventurous finale.

Recording: October 18, 2014, Kirk Ferguson/Mark Hetzler/Dylan Chmura-Moore (tenor trombones) and Alan Carr (bass trombone), with Steve Gotcher (engineer). Featured on Alan Carr‘s “The Elephant in the Room” coming in 2015