A Martyred Village

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Brass Quintet – 8 min [completed 2016]

The work is currently under the exclusive performance rights of Axiom Brass. Please contact David Faleris to inquire about future availability.

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Commissioned by Axiom Brass in celebration of their 10th Anniversary (2016)

Instrumentation: tpt 1 (& opt. flgl), tpt 2 & flgl, hrn, tbn, tba

A Martyred Village began as a specific reflection piece, drawn from the horrific mass slaying of the peaceful French townspeople of Oradour-sur-Glane during World War II. As I progressed through the work compositionally, current news came in day after day, relaying more stories of hatred and death from all over the world. The work shifted to reflect more broadly on such tragedies and the seemingly unending cycle of violence and hated that appears to be alarmingly rooted within our “civilization”.